How to get rid of itchy bed bug bites (photos)

bed bugs hiding everywhereBed bugs are kind of a big deal again, not just the things of nursery rhymes any more. Truth is, government officials have no clue on how to deal with the problem safely economically either. Your landlord or building manager is probably not far behind in this massive blackout of bug infestation ignorance.

How to Get Rid of Itchy Bed Bug Bites

Whatever you do, take precautions against bed bugs by examining your mattress, not throwing your luggage down on your bed when you check into your hotel room, and always wash and dry on high heat any affected clothes or bed sheets.

bed bug bite rashLay down a preventive layer of any natural amorphous freshwater silica product like they carry at Safe and natural, and as long as you don’t breathe it in or get it wet, DE makes for one perfect solution to these parasites.

Look down at the carpet and the cracks between the walls. Are there bedbugs hiding? Look for black specks because that indicates bed bug feces. Also look for their shells and exoskeletons which they leave behind as they grow larger.

Use Benadryl to control massive itching from bug bites

Most of the time the itches will subside if you don’t scratch too much. Otherwise use a bed bug cream for the itchy biteys.

Benadryl can also be helpful.

Discover where the bugs are hiding

bed bug bites on your infant childrenBugs can hide anywhere. Ants usually go after food and water. Bed bugs wait until the wee hours to feed upon humans.

Be careful when you bring home second hand clothes or furniture. Bed bugs can also hide in old dresser drawers and cabinets too. Look at the bed headboard and consider replacing your bed frame or shoring it up with a protective barrier.

Eliminating bed bugs for good yourself and getting rid of their eggs

Bed Bug Chemical Spray products are widely available at stores, but are they the best option?

Victims of bed bug infestation will attest to the fact that getting rid of these little blood sucking vampires by using chemical sprays is difficult than previously imagined. But stores like Walgreens and Wal Mart offer products on their shelves that get barely 3 stars when reviewed by actual users.

You ought to know that any slight thought that the use of chemical sprays and insecticides to get rid of these horrific creatures, which will do anything to suck your blood for sustenance, is not only misplaced, but also hazardous to your safety more than the bed bugs.

This may spell bad news to companies who manufacture and sell over-the-counter insecticides, but the truth is these chemical sprays don’t work against bed bugs. Instead, these products carry numerous potential dangers, besides their ineffectiveness in properly fighting bed bug infestations with toxic chemical sprays.

Potential Hazards of Store-bought Chemical Bed Bug Killer Sprays

You should clearly ask yourself and find the answers to this question before proceeding to use chemical sprays with the aim of getting rid of bed bugs. Are you completely safe from the use of chemical sprays for bed bugs?

cimex lectulariusIt is clearly evident that chemical sprays have caused illnesses besides actually not working against bed bugs. People who have been exposed to these chemical sprays have reported far-reaching symptoms such as headaches, difficulties in breathing, vomiting, nausea and dizziness among others. The potential dangers that these chemical sprays may cause to your life are worsened by the fact that bed bugs have become resistant to these chemical sprays.

Ultimately the best bed bug killer doesn’t even carry. This is because of the traditional view that it requires a chemical spray to kill most household pests, which is a falsely held belief. Many products that use fossilized shell flour are just as effective as chemicals like Temprix.

Wal Mart carries products like Hot Shot which kill on contact. That’s cool but you could make about the same thing yourself with alcohol and it’d probably be safer. But then there’s Safer which claims to kill bed bugs but doesn’t list all its ingredients.

defensive end kills bed bugsDE! is an OMRI organic and chemical free pest control method/solution

A clearer picture of bed bugs resistant to these chemical sprays is portrayed through a recent study by entomologists from Ohio State University. This study found out that these cheap, insecticide-spraying chemicals that have been marketed for many years as the best do-it-yourself option for bed bugs were not only ineffective in killing even the most according to this site reporting on the news, but were also dangerous to the environment.

It would be absolutely right to say that bed bugs have become resistant to the most active ingredients in these chemical sprays. Again, these sprays don’t work against bed bugs as they are not effectively structured to penetrate into crevices and cracks where bed bugs hide. These are some of the factors that prove to push chemical sprays used to kill bed bugs to their death knells as their ineffectiveness is beyond doubt.

This is why products like Defensive End! and other organic bed bug killing products have become so popular so fast.

What are the Safest and Most Effective Ways of Killing Bed Bugs in 2017?


One of the most recommended and effective way that can be used in place of the dangerous chemical sprays is the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for bed bug control. This is a pest control strategy that involves a closer look at the pests’ life cycle and habitats that may enhance their infestations, thereby using this information to get rid of them. This may include physical methods such as sanitation, exclusion, and vacuuming, steaming, laundering and cold treatment.

Hiring a Pest Control Operator (PCO) to target and effectively get rid of bed bugs in cracks and crevices is highly advisable.Using chemical sprays don’t work against bed bugs and should be avoided because of the safety risks that they expose human beings to. It is, therefore recommended that you use other effective and safe ways such as hiring a pest control operator to get rid of the bed bugs.


A Great Natural Strategy to Eliminate Skin Wrinkles on Your Face and Body

More Ways to Naturally Get Rid of the Wrinkles and Recapture that Baby Soft Skin

Wrinkles are just a sign of aging and can be delayed or reduced. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can easily be reduced with the help of anti-wrinkle skin care products such as dermabrasion, topical retinoid, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatment, face lift, anti-wrinkle creams and botox injections.

anti aging creamHowever, many people prefer natural remedies for obvious reasons; they are inexpensive and have few or no side effects. Below is a list of some of the most effective natural remedies than can reduce the visibility of wrinkles by making your skin firm and supple. True change comes from within so we’ll be focusing on natural ways to increase skin elasticity and radiance that’s easy and fun to work into your current self-care regimen too.

1. Healthy Diet: Green Leafy DeTox

Most of us already know that the food we consume affects our appearance, and especially the general condition of the skin.

It is therefore very important to consume a healthy, balanced diet to remove all the wrinkles from our skin, and make it appear fresh and young.

Eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits; they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. The green leafy vegetables, beans and berries like goji berries, strawberries and blue berries, contains antioxidants that are useful in fighting free radicals that cause premature aging.

2. Do Some Face Yoga… and Smile More

If you have wrinkles on your forehead, under eyes and other parts of the face, then facial exercises will surely help. The exercises will help in firming the skin and the muscles, thus eliminating all wrinkles.

If you have wrinkles on the neck area, try the exercise where you have to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of the mouth. When you do this exercise, your jaw, neck, chin and throat will tighten and this aids in erasing wrinkles and fine lines around your neck and lips.

Regular exercise also increases blood circulation, keeping your skin healthy.

3. Egg Whites – the Yolk’s on Them

If you are searching for a natural product to tighten your facial skin, then try egg white. Apply the egg white on your face, and then let it dry. Wash it off with lukewarm water. This is an effective home remedy for reducing wrinkles around your eyes.

4. Turmeric powder: Don’t Be Afraid to Get Curried Away

Another effective remedy can be prepared by mixing turmeric powder and sugarcane juice.

Mix the two together to make a paste. Apply the paste on your face and leave it to dry.

Wash it with lukewarm water.

5. Citrus fruits: a Lil’ Grove will Do You Good

Lemons and oranges are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. The fruits can delay the process of aging. Therefore, include the oranges and other vitamin C-rich food in your diet.

Lemon cucumber water is easy to make, just make your next stay-cation or post-workout treat a home spa day while you’re at it, plus it gives the kids something actually beneficial and fresh that they’ll definitely appreciate!

You can also apply lemon juice on your face, especially on areas with wrinkles. Leave the juice on your face for a few minutes and then wash it off with clean water.

6. Homemade anti-wrinkle cream

To make this cream:

*prepare glycerin, gelatin, alum, spirits of camphor, anhydrous lanolin, tincture of benzoin and orange flower water.

*Take 2 teaspoons of orange flower water in a tiny bowl.

*Add 1/4 teaspoons of alum. When alum dissolves, app 3 teaspoons of gelatin and let it remain in water till it becomes soft.

*Add A¼ cup of glycerin to this solution. Transfer the whole mixture into a double boiler and then cook in low heat until gelatin fully dissolves. Stir the mixture in 1 cup of lanolin.

*Add A¼ teaspoon tincture and A¼ teaspoon camphor spirit. Stir the entire mixture until it blends well. Take it from heat. Use an electric mixture to mix the mixture till the cream becomes cool and fluffy.

Transfer your cream into an air tight container and massage the cream on your face every night for about 5 minutes. Apart from the aforementioned remedies, other natural remedies include aloe vera, castor oil and coconut oil.

The Last Word on Great Skin and Age Defying-ness

H20 throughout the day will add luster and shine to your skin[/caption]

…Also, and you probably already know and do this, but drink lots of water, stay away from direct sunlight and avoid habits like smoking. Yes, we believe that you should do all the natural things first.

Get your sleep, exercise, and whole foods down, then see what else can be improved. There’s no need to be the type of person that only does holistic or homeopathic skin and wrinkle removal methods or be a rigidly close minded hippie that feels the need to lather themselves with Argan oil all the time, although it’s kind of fun if you’ve ever done it.

We’ll also be showing you how to get creative with some of your own home remedies you can try out like one of my personal favs, the egg white facial which you’ll see a how-to video below.

Clear and Beautiful Skin is Within Your Reach

clear skin clear skiesAll you have to do is look at the gorgeous women of Hollywood, pics from 10 or 20 years ago and those of today. Some of them don’t really look completely human or natural anymore. Some of them look like a Praying Mantis to be honest, and barely resemble their former beautiful selves, much less a normal person!

Before I get into my story, I always wanted to decrease the appearance of aging in my face without going under the knife, without injecting toxins, and without sacrificing results or effectiveness in a worthwhile anti-aging regimen. I knew from the get go this was going to be a challenge, but as usual I was up to it.

After several months of dead-end searches online I stumbled upon a few YouTube videos featuring renowned plastic surgeon Dr. John Layke discussing removing women’s leaky breast implants. He was obviously an expert in his field and not too hard on the eyes. I caught this one really great segment of him on Entertainment Tonight which showed just how many and how soon celebrities get their breast implants removed, I was pretty surprised!

So then when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles on my face, eyes, jaw and neck, for somewhat obvious reasons like the video above, I want to take a non-surgical approach to avoid the buyer remorse some 10-20 years later.

Diet, Exercise, and the Right Cream

Aside from finally getting my exercise and diet game down, I have tried a million different anti-aging anti-wrinkle firm n lift firm n tuck creams. Lots of them are scams so be careful. There are so many billions spent on creams that shady marketers will sell you a cream that doesn’t even remove wrinkles or get results, won’t tell you the price of the product and ask just about anybody and they’ve never heard of it.

I’ll get to my solution more in-depth in a second, but with that said, you can probably relate to my story way more than you actually know, especially if you’re a woman.

A little about me…

Now we’ve all come a long way since the days of maternity pants and screaming babies, family vacations to Disney World, putting myself last and getting it all done on short notice- and without a doubt my skin has certainly paid the price.

I am no exception from the usual stress and self-care neglect most real women have experienced at one time or another in life. But we all handle our priorities first and deal with the wrinkles later.

Then there’s the career which we somehow manage to squeeze in there when not creating my pride of lionesses and cubs or miraculously pulling off birthdays on last minute timing- 50 hour workweeks minimum during peak business season, which of course, as we all know, is subject to change.

Sneaking in meals which were let’s just say less than gluten-free and slightly shy of making a vegan cry was accompanied by working late and taking drags from Camel lights outside the office to maintain my sanity.

Good for my skin? Probably not.

And yes, the pied piper eventually showed up to collect- and I paid him alright.

In spades.

But I wasn’t about to take it lying down, so I set about to find something I could do to reverse the lines of aging and wrinkles around my mouth and eyes, and hopefully firm and tone up my face a bit without expensive and perpetual surgery or toxic face injections.

After all, if you can look 10 years younger and I believe I certainly can, then shouldn’t you as well?

Wrinkles are Throwing a Party on My Face… Why Now?

There is no doubt that wrinkles are the most dreaded sign of aging, and this is all because they cannot be hidden easily. As we age, collagen production in our skin dips, and the skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag This is the major reason behind ridges and skin folds, which form around the nose and mouth.

To make things worse, every time we smile or frown, the skin contracts and expands, causing unsightly creases on the face.  It’s like being punished for being happy!


Why I Decided Plastic Surgery Wasn’t For Me

Aside from being extremely expensive, no one wants or expects botched or obvious/less than satisfactory plastic surgery.

Additionally, any surgery is potentially dangerous (Joan Rivers died early from a simple yet poorly made medical decision by someone she trusted and thought was a mundane everyday procedure), and all this should be factored in because once you start getting plastic surgery, it will inevtably require more.

Some women endure a never-ending series of doctor’s visits and for what? Is it really worth it if you have to saw your face open every 2 years?

Additionally, assuming you are happy with the finished result which can take months or years to finally “grow into”, the surgical procedure and healing process itself can be painful and somewhat embarrassing, and if you never get plastic surgery, then you don’t have to worry about the time lapse or always having to save or put away money for your next surgical maintenance procedure which you could be using to shop with stress free.

I’d rather spend my money on a vacation with my grandkids and enjoy these free years, not obsess over every detail of my face or bone structure like a 55 year old teenage girl revisited.

Outside of the natural solutions we’ll be recommending on this site (including a recipe for a 100% natural homemade skin cream you’ll love) as well as other age deceleration ideas, there’s also a review and comparison of popular store-bought and online anti wrinkle face creams, anti aging serums, collagen products, eye circle and spot removal moisturizers.

I decided to do my due diligence and research some of the most popular skin creams on the web and in stores that promise the fountain of youth look before making  a purchase, so read my reviews if you’re considering trying out a cream/serum also. You will also understand which anti wrinkle skin cream I picked as the best overall for firming and toning, wrinkle reduction, and speed of results. But first…

Popular Anti-Aging Solutions vs. Anti-Wrinkle Creams & Serums

Mother Nature isn’t easy to outwit, especially when it comes to anti-aging. It’d be nice if buying a drug store or pharmacy cream could roll back the years and give your skin a glow it hasn’t had since your 20s, but that’s just not how it works in the real world.

My skin is already kind of oily and discoloration from sun exposure and acne scars has made for a kind of uneven, splotchy distribution of colors.

Additionally my pores are kind of large, so I wanted something that would help (or at least conceal comfortably) that unfortunate reality.

My anti-wrinkle skin cream then had to meet the following requirements:

*had to have clinically proven results

*had to be risk-free for me, i.e. a moneyback guarantee if I was unhappy

*had to even out skin tone, not splotchy or like makeup

*easy to use without complicated prep steps, easy to use daily

*Non-greasy or oily, safe for sensitive skin

*Improves skin texture, contains sun protection and should reverse damaged skin

*Gets actual, noticeable results that speak for themselves

*It had to be recommended by a majority of REAL human users

After poring over the web I arrived at the conclusion that a cream or lotion is the sum of the synergy of its ingredients, and most creams alone don’t contain all the ingredients to make my requirements into reality.
I narrowed it down to 3 which came pretty close, but only 1 got my top pick.

What Set the #1 Anti-Aging Skin Moisturizer Apart

I’ve been pro-active about my skin since my mid 30’s because the last thing that a 35 year old woman would want is being called is “ma’am” by a 25 year old man. However, given the rampaging role of free radicals it is quite possible that women who are on the wrong side of thirty would have quite a few possibilities where they run the risk of being called by this name.

There are quite a few 5 star review articles to prove that this works actually at the cellular level which influenced my decision to try it.

Further there are also many results that have been clinically proven which point to the efficacy of this cream.

It has a new approach to removing wrinkles and namely, to drastically improve and lift the skin in and around your neck, and connected to your chin and jaws. This is so important because the majority of wrinkles actually occur due to neck skin sagging, and this cream is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to taking 20 years off your chin, literally.

It has all the great moisture providing ingredients you’d expect in a top rated lifting cream, and it has worked amazingly well for me and has reduced my facial wrinkles substantially with its unique science-based approach.

Thanks for visiting!

I have used many other skin repairing solutions but the results were usually very disappointing to say the least. However, this little cream has been able to repair my damaged skin and breathe new life back into it. This is because the cream is fully enriched with the most essential vitamins for the skin and also has the highest range of antioxidant properties.

Together they certainly have given me skin which I can boast of- though I don’t, because I’d rather let others sing its praises unknowingly 🙂

Now then I am an outdoorsy type person who loves to bike and travel so I am constantly exposing my face and other parts of the body to sun, wind, rain and other natural elements. Naturally over the years I was a bit worried as I saw my skin becoming rough and developing wrinkles and forming light lines. This set my panic buttons ringing.

The good thing was that with consistent use the fine lines and sun damage was greatly reduced. The best side effect of using it was softer and smoother skin. My loving man finds caressing my skin a nice past-time and then of course a few other things follow!! And yes it firmed up my neck and jawline. Along with some inexpensive teeth whitening I was able to knock 10 years off pretty quickly (amazing what white teeth does for you).

Though a few of my friends were suggesting Botox as a means to rejuvenate my skin, it never appealed to me very much and in the end I am much happier with my decision to not use Botox. Not only was it a complicated process, it certainly would have burnt a big hole in my pocket and required yearly maintenance, with the possibility of freakish side effects.

I am terrified of injections and Botox certainly would have made my life miserable should a botox adjustment cause a negative body image. Who wants to pump a toxin into their face to force their face muscles to make them smile? Why not just, I don’t know, smile?

Everyone’s different but I found diet, vitamins, exercise, rest, meditation/yoga, and a great facial moisturizer have made a dramatic difference in my appearance and wrinkle reduction that botox would not have even addressed. For me botox is the easy way out.

Another great reason why I am a big fan of this aloe vera based skin cream is because of the fact that it is totally safe. I have been using it for about a year now and have no reasons to complain in terms of safety, efficacy and affordability.

The Runners Up: Hydroxatone and Bellaplex – What are they?

Hydroxatone and. Bellaplex are similar skin care products, touted as 2 of the best anti-aging products on the market.

Between the 2 they have some cutting edge ingredients that work on a microscopic level- we’re talking about amino acids, peptides, and free-radical elimination.

Mixing Hydroxatone with BellaplexWhy Two is Better than One

As fate would have it, the best anti-wrinkle cream for most women, isn’t a cream at all.

It’s creams – plural.

While Hydroxatone and Bellaplex may not floor me on their own, their combined efficacy is actually quite remarkable.

Both Hydroxatone and Bellaplex work in similar ways, only their proficiency is limited by the strength of a single formula. Adding one to the other seems to work best for whatever reason.

I don’t know about you, but I currently take probably 20 different supplements and use at least 4 different creams and moisturizers to get the job done-it’s taken me years to find a good combination that works.

How they work synergistically

As anybody who has researched anti-aging knows, the best anti-wrinkle cream is one which plumps up skin and renews collagen supplies. Lasers and other invasive therapies boost the body’s natural production of collagen by damaging the skin, encouraging a regrowth.

Collagen is crucial to your skin’s overall appearance.

Hydroxatone and Bellaplex each contain freshly produced collagen in small amounts, together, which can have a temporary effect on skin. Fines lines can appear reduced and skin plumpness will increase. But when combining one with another, twice as much collagen becomes readily available, achieving more than just a minor superficial boost.

Skin appears softer, younger, smoother and with a more even texture. Better still, results last longer than when using just one formula.

I have been taking type I, 2, and 3 collagen with hyaluronic acid and I notice a positive difference.  It does work. Amino acid supplementation is also great.

An alternative to cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is an enigma. In some cases, results can be extraordinary. In others, the results can be life-destroying. As cosmetic surgery is largely irreversible, other anti-aging treatments try not to compete with it.

The Right Skin Care Regimen

It’s important to keep in mind that most women and people who use creams to stop aging and wrinkles to look younger will be using them on a regular basis once they find a product or combination that works right for them that they feel good about.

Here’s a great anti wrinkle video from a DIY’er on YouTube I found as well that I found pretty useful and creative!


How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Bites: Symptoms and Treatment (with pictures)

Bed bugs bites pictures

bed bugs bites picturesHere’s a picture of a bad group of bed bug bites on bed bugs’ favorite feasting grounds, the soft part of the neck and face.

How do you treat bed bug bites?

First it’s important to know for 100% certain you have bed bug bites. You don’t want to be treating an insect bite that is actually something other than bed bugs, or a skin condition not even related to pests in general. There are various other insect bites and skin conditions that get mistaken for bed bug bites.

bed bug bites symptomsBed bug bites usually occur in groups and clusters anywhere that bed bugs can get a hold of some warm skin for blood sucking.

Then, a doctor may prescribe you a cream with corticosteroids or antihistamines to help with the itching. Most of the time bed bug bites are completely painless, but they may cause itching due to your body’s reaction to them.

If you’ve been bitten hundreds of times over the course of several months, you could be dealing with anemia which causes fatigue, exhaustion and low iron levels in your body. This is an extreme case, but is possible.

How do you get rid of bed bugs?

Vacuum your bed and frame extensively. Wash and dry on high heat every possible bed sheet and item of clothing that you own. Apply a preventive layer of DE dust powder for bed bugs on the carpet, floor, power outlets, sofa cushions, bed frame, mattress and box spring, furniture, cracks and crevices. This is how you get rid of bed bugs for good.

How do you get bed bugs

Anyone can get bed bugs. People most prone to bed bugs include travelers and people who live in low income housing projects. This is because these are often the most untidy of places where bed bugs are free to hide and stay under the radar until they strike. Also, landlords at group housing projects are usually very absent when it comes to smart extermination and fumigation of pests.

how do you know if you have bed bugsBed bugs can and will bite you several hundred times if they find the opportunity. This picture shows the back of one of their favorite victims.

Not All Bed bug killers are created equal

Many bed bug products contain harmful chemicals or are just outright scams. Bed bug exterminators usually don’t offer a guarantee. Some of the major companies are even offering a monthly subscription at this point so they can get you for even more money on top of not completely eliminating the bedbug problem. Then there’s companies like Bedroom Guardian operating from a proxy LLC in Wyoming headed by some mysterious American expat living in Hong Kong, who also tries to sign you up for a monthly product delivery which not only do you not need, they give you a purposefully small amount of product and then don’t even list their ingredients to top it all off.